Bollywood - Biggest Weapon For Destruction Of India .

Jul 30. 2018 1461 views

Bollywood, A weapon which is constantly used by the pseudo seculars dusguised as art lovers, saviours of FOE ( Freedom Of Expression) , but in reality its an agent of  #BreakIndiaForces, A Must watch 15 minutes AV , to understand, to realise how systematically bollywood and its most of Actors, directors and producers are busy defaming our nation and hinduism....

After watching this video you will definetly realise what we get in return, for showing humongus fan following, love affection and devotion to those who rules the silver screen. Many of us take them as our Idols, as the role models but do they really deserve this respect from us? Just for a few silver coins they are even ready to put Integrity, Communal harmony of our nation on line. Just to lead a luxrious life they are ready to spread enimty in nation, to hurt the emotions of those who worship them,!!!!

Now its peak time to show them their place, to teach them a lesson for life time. Movies are meant to entertain, not to defame, and this people need to understand this and only "We the People" can make them realize this AGAIN.




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