'godman' forces men into unnatural sex

1 0 Jul 25. 2018 78 views

25 hours after posting the mischievous-image of Hindu-Godman, in a Muslim-Godman story, The Times Group and Times of india Along with their MD vineet jain apologizes for presenting fake news to its readers, but not before Advocate Vibhor Anand served them a legal notice. This was not the first time when times group made such a huge blunder. After this incident twitter erupted with tweets, blaming Times of India for being biased, hurting and defaming a particular releigion and its followers. Nowadays many big media houses are using the biased approach of Jorunalism to generate more TRP and readers, even with such untrue reports they are trying to provide undue edge for their respective political parties. This negative approach adopted by the media houses are damaging the pillars of democracy, and defaming a profession, which holds a great power to change. Peroscope Media Supports Advocate Vibhor Anand and his team in this Movement , Unless these so called intellectual Terrorists stops mentioning of caste,religion of a victim or accused, in their well studded articles just to increase their sales and TRP's, nothing is gonna change.

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