Due To Heavy Rains, The Gates Of Bargi Dam Will Be Opened, Lower Areas On High Alert.

Jul 26. 2018 125 views

Jabalpur: Due to continuous rain in the Mandla-Dindori and in the surrounding areas, the water level of bargi Dam is increasing rapidly. According to the Dam administration, about 52 thousand 950 cubic feet of water per second is being collected in Bargi Dam. Dam water level reached 418.50 meters on Monday evening till 6 pm. The maximum water level of the dam is 422. 76 meters. Dam is currently releasing three thousand 710 cubic feet water through hydro power plants. But considering the speed at which the water is entering the dam, the Dam administration has decided to open 7 gate on Tuesday at 4 pm.

Seven gate from 8 to 14 numbers will be opened at an average height of 1.21 meters. Out of these, the height of gate number 10, 11 and 12 will be laid one and a half meters, whereas the gate number 8, 9 and 13, 14 will be opened up to a height of one meter. 49 thousand 265 water out of these gates and 3 thousand 710 cubic feet water from hydro generating units and total of 52 thousand 975 cubic feet water per second per second will be left.That is, as much water entering the dam, the same will be left through the water gate and hydro generation units.

According to Ajay Surre, executive engineer of Rani Avanti Bai Lodhi Sagar project, the information regarding opening of Gate of Dam has been given to all the districts related to lower areas. They have appealed to the residents of lower-lying areas to be alert and not to enter the submerged areas. Shri Surya said that considering the situation of rain and the arrival of water in the dam, the quantity of water leaving the dam can be reduced or extended.

According to the Executive Engineer, the release of water from bargi dam can create flood conditions in lower areas. These include the coastal areas of Jabalpur, Seoni, Narsinghpur, Hoshangabad, Raisen, Dewas, Sehore, Khandwa and Khargone districts.


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