Kerala CM Supports Novelist S Hareesh after he withdraws his novel because of threats!! Such media and government is real blot to kerela's social Fabric.

Jul 26. 2018 93 views

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan extended the government support to the author on Monday, only after when novelist S. Haresh announced that his novel Misha (Musa ache) was withdrawn after reciving life threats by Hindutva groups. Vijayan said that his government protects the freedom of expression of the writers and will not allow any attack on them. Vijayan wrote in a Facebook post that, "The government will not allow any violation on the freedom of expression." "Creativity increases without any fear in the atmosphere. There will be no compromise on anything that will crush it." The Chief Minister said that Haresh should continue to write boldly, because it will "act as the answer to those who create controversy". He told the author do not stop writing." 

VS Achuthanandan, the former Kerala chief minister and leader of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), asked Haresh to reconsider his decision. Writer M Mukundan, Sachchidananan, Anita Nair, Unni R. and K. R. Meera said that the threats to novelist by hindu fringe, is threat to  Constitutional Freedom of all fellow Indian.

The novel is set about fifty years ago, depicting Kerala's social life, was being serialised out in Malayalam weekly Mathruthumi. So far, only three chapters have been published. Author reported that after publishing these chapters some Hindu organisations accused the novelist, for spoiling the image of Hindu women through this novel. The Article printed In mathrubhumi is a conversation between two friends, where one asking other "why do hindu girls take a bath and dress very well and go to temples? the other freind answers that it is because hindu girls want to attract men, and this the reason that hindu women dont visit temples during their monthly cycles... to let men know they are not available those day!!!!. while reading this even we feel disgusted and cant understand why Kerela CM was supporting such rubbish piece of art.  

It is clearly visible that on the name of freedom of expression , there is a lobby which continuously mocking our cultural heritage of our country.Mr Hareesh forgot that, talking about a women in such a derogatory way dosen't make it satire. No one in our nation Is allowed to show such disrespect for women. The writer talks about the Observations!!! 
Hindu women goes to temple for inviting pujari for sex !!! We would like to know what kind of observation is that !!! what kind of narration writer in trying to build ??? It is shameful that CM Vijayan calls it a piece of art and justifying such ridiculus imagination. Yes death threats can not be justified but such writers and art form also can not be overlooked and Central government and I&B Ministry should interfeare in this to avoid any mishappenings in GODS OWN COUNTRY, where media that continuosly harasses, attacks and portrays a relegion and women in poor light. Such media and government is real blot to kerela's social Fabric.


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