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In the Constitutional Club of Delhi, on Monday afternoon, an unknown assailant shot the Jawaharlal Nehru University's PhD Scholar Umar Khalid. Although the bullet missed the aim, and  Khalid is safe and sound in this attack. The police has recovered a pistol from the spot. Khalid arrived on Monday to attend a program at the Constitutional Club. DCP Madhur Verma and Joint CP Ajay Chaudhary have said that they have are investigating about unidentified attacker attacked Umar, he lost his pistol with his hands and fled. Police is investigating the case.

According to the country's conscious media, one eyewitness who was present with Khalid in the program said that Umar Khalid was in a program with us. When we were waiting at tea stall for the program to get started , a man wearing a white shirt came near, and all of sudden pushed Khalid  and then fired. Khalid was down by this and somehow survived the attack,  We tried to catch him, but he fired few more shots in the air and managed to escape. 

Spreading of such False News by Main Stream Media Houses and A List Journalists have become a common Trend these days. Latest addition to this trend is in front of our eyes, When the Main Stream Media and Journalists Reported a Completely False News That ' Expelled JNU Student Umar Khalid an Accused of Sedition' was Attacked and Tried to be killed by unknown Person.

According to an Independent eyewitness Umar Khalid was not even Present  at the spot where incident took place.

In view of the IABM Co-Founder Vibhor Anand,  the entire propaganda staged by the Journalists and Activists namely Shehla Rashid, Kavitaa  Krishnan, Barkha Dutt, Rana Ayub, Swati Chaturvedi, Jignest Mevani, Shekhar Gupta,sagarika ghosh, Gurmehar Kaur, Rohini Singh and Others. He added it was well planned metaphor,  in order to create unrest and riots across the country on the occasion of Independence Day and this lobby of fake journalists and activists Blamed TIMES NOW and REPUBLIC NEWS for the above mentioned Attack.

He also added it is not the first time that these above mentioned journalists and activists have been found spreading false news, fortunately due to prompt action of Delhi Police and Some Responsible Reporting by other Journalists any unfortunate incident which could have have happened was averted in the entire country. However strict action and Investigation against these above mentioned journalists and activists is required to unearth the bigger Conspiracy behind such mass false reporting by them.

IABM will be filling a  FIR under Section 153/153A/109/120B of IPC, for spreading False News with Intentions to Incite Riots across the Country and further Promoting Enmity between People of different Religions and caste by Spreading and Promoting False News. 

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