Legal Notice Served Against "Mulk" Movies Director and Starcast, For Propagating Enmity In Nation

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Anyone who watches Bollywood (spare them) with a keen observation can see an anti-hindu bias in the presentation. Islam and muslims have replaced hindi and hindus out of bollywood.I remember during election time we used to hear a lot of patriotic songs and even on 26th jan and 15 august,however till today we hear the same old patrotic songs sung before islamization of bollywood. Since Khans and muslims captured mumbai's bollywood industry we only hear "Khuda" "Allha"  and Hindi and hindu god is complete out of hindi songs. There are only 2 reasons which we we see for Bollywood to glorify Islam and making fun of Hindu culture - first is "Fear of losing business" and second by "Increasing business by targeting Hindus". So all this is done for money, abusing and defaming a culture just to earn alot of money so that they can live a life full of endless comfort. 

Bollywood has a huge viewer base in India and overseas. In overseas - Pakistan, Gulf, and Middle-East are one of the bases. In addition to that they can not risk their business if they anger Muslims in India. The reason that Bollywood can not take a risk Muslim rage is because of what they have experienced in the past. Bollywood directors understood long back that if they present Islam, in its true colors is projected with truth, then many Muslims won’t tolerate that. So, they don’t show the darker part of it e.g. triple talaq, gender inequality, child-marriage etc. Some directors tried but faced a huge protest from Muslim community.

 Hindus have always been an easy target. Make fun of their Gods/ Goddesses, their culture/traditions, their religious beliefs and you can easily en-cash your movie. It is because a typical Hindu is taught to criticize their own beliefs but not hurting others.  It is Bollywood which made Hindus guilty of the crime they have never committed and present day Hindu lives with a burden of “being a Hindu”. Bollywood celebrities like Aamir Khan made the show Satyamev Jayate to highlight the evils of our society. It covered all the major evils of Hindu culture.

 BUT did you notice anything unusual ?

Out of 23+ episodes which were telecast, Aamir Khan didn’t touch a single episode on evils in Muslim society.


Does that mean there are no evil/malpractices in Muslim/Christians ? The producers did not want any kind of controversial hurdle which could have spoiled their show because of Islamic/Christian rage.Recently released movie “Sanju” is purely a successful attempt by RajKumar Hirani & Vidu Vinod Chopra in whitewashing the image of notorious Sanjay Dutt.Rajkumar Hirani who is an infamous Hinduphobic, very carefully removed the involvement of Dawood Ibrahim in Mumbai bomb blasts. In the movie, he showed Sanjay Dutt gets in touch with some Hindu underworld gangsters and finally got involved in crime of keeping the AK 56. Same can be seen in an upcoming movie "Mulq". another movie which depicts a real life muslim character, fighting against system.... Is bollywood trying to apease muslims to increase their monetory gains like they have done in past. Bollywoods most actors speak about equality but we could never see them raising any henious malpractices of other relegion and hinduism and hindus remains there first choice like ever.

We all are well aware with fact that Media and Entertainment industry is full of biased and hypocraites and its our duty to unmask their originality which is eating the nation from within, this is what we can call intellectual vandalism, on the name of art you just can not serve any thing, which is henious and can have rediculus after effects, To tackle this vandalim a group of youngsters have emerged, which is going to issue a Legal notice to the star cast Rishi Kapoor, Tapsi Pannu, Ashutosh Rana,  director Anubhav Sinha and producer Deepak Mukut along with Banaras Media Works, Soham Rockstar Entertainment Production Company , of movie "MULK", under the leadership of Advocate Vibhor Anand and Team , Advocate Avanti Deshpande from Nagpur, serving this notice for " PROPAGATING ENMITY BETWEEN TWO (OR MORE) RELIGION". 

As Per the reports Advocate Vibhor Anand And team have emerged as a unit fighting against Biased Indian Media, praticing a profession which is being misused, to serve selfish motives of a handfull people in our country.

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