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Social Media For Brand Process

Add Company Branding

Page Profile Pic, Cover Pic, About Us Tabs, Milestones etc. Twitter Profile Pic Bio & Cover Image.

Setup Social Media Pages

Create a Facebook page, LinkedIn and Twitter page.

Reach People That Matter

Acquire Fans with fine tuned targeting parameters. Build followers that are interested in your product/service. .

Measure and Adjust

Social Media Analytics, Relook at Content Strategy. .

Maximise Reach

Social Media Analytics, Relook at Content Strategy.Maximize reach of your content with post promotions. .

Why choose us?

Using Our Seo Company's
  • Standard responses to common queries/comments are created in consultation with the company’s Marketing/Operation teams.
  • Other queries are sent to the company for a suitable response.
  • Normal queries on the page regularly replied to within 4 hours. Content is checked every 4 hours for negative/spam content that may get posted. (Day timings: 10am, 2pm, 6pm | Night timings: 10pm, 2am and 6am)
  • Content is contemporary and written in an interesting and conversational tone.
  • Close editorial interface with client’s Marketing and Operation teams, for clear brand understanding as well as its positioning as a premium brand
  • An attractive cover page designed for launch. Also certain templates for job postings are designed, on an on-going basis.
  • Regular interface with client for feedback on postings, and ensuring company brand guidelines are followed - for all postings and templates.
Social Media Services: Deliverables

1.Content Postings on Facebook page – post everyday
2.Constant review and improvements from a dedicated team with elaborate social media, editorial and design experience
3.Original content writing & design

4.Community management with dedicated strategy for tweets
5.Listening to prospect employees, their queries and concerns
6.Tweets everyday

7.Content Management on your Company Page
8.Reputation Management across LinkedIn Groups
9.posts everyday

10.Monitor Facebook page comments, wall posts & messages for negative comments- moderation within 4 business hours on weekdays
11.Standard replies to queries on the facebook within 4 business hours on weekdays

Services Provided

1. Fan acquisition only from your choice of Target Audience on the basis of age, gender, company, interest, location etc.
2. Lowest cost per like in the industry not compromising on quality.
3. Fan Likes for each page ,from specified Target Audience (No. may vary based on defined target criteria)
4. Replying to brand mentions & comments across all online channels- within 4 Business Hours on weekdays
5. Monthly dashboard on nature of fans acquired and content metrics.
6. Demographic information and actionable insights from the Facebook page

Online Promotions: Deliverables

1. SMS/Emailer
2. Promotion to specified Target Audience (HNI’s, IT Industry etc.)
3. Emailer creative’s creation
4. Blogs
5. Rich editorial content
6. Strategic insights
7. Banner ads across FB and partner websites
8. Brand visibility across prominent websites

Booster Services: Deliverables

Posts on Facebook Page promoted to target audience to increase engagement & visibility
Lowest cost per like in the industry not compromising on quality.
Promotion to specified Target Audience on Facebook
Content and creative's creation
Like generation on Facebook Page every quarter based on defined target audience (No. of Likes based on Target defined) Campaign target to specific profiles on Facebook based on desired target audience

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