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Peroscope Media Pvt Ltd

We provide new generation election management software with advance feature.

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Election Management System

What You Get Using Our Company's

Booth Level Management is a management for the Booth Level Members or Team to achieve a clear victory in the election. Booth Level Management is a micro level management for the election, where most of the candidates ignore the importance of booth level member/team at the ground level, but the real power of booth level committee is enormous. If you want to win the election, you have to train them, you have to transform them into small small leader and you have to manage them towards one goal –Victory

We reduce the pressure of “V”Day by keeping an eye on every activities on the Voting Day.
We Check who has voted or who Hasn’t – Voting Percentage
We handle all communication from War Room with every Booth Agents and Booth Workers.
Keep an Eagle Eye Watch on unsocial elements and Bogus Voting

Political Campaign or Electoral Campaign for candidate/party contains the ideas that the candidate/party wants to share with the voters. We provide all types of electoral campaign which directly enters into voter's heart
 Breakthrough “V”Campaign Ideas
 3D Campaign Ideas
 Social Media Campaign
 Website Campaign
 Mobile App Campaign
 Promos Material
 Events
 Political Party Slogans
 And Many More Campaign Ideas

Analysis – Booth Level Analysis
Booth Level Analysis is the analysis for all booths in your constituency for predicting and decision making for bigger level, it is the same as you have to learn a,b,c,d before writing a word or a sentence.
Why do we need analysis ? if you have answers for following questions then you don't need anything like analysis How many voters in your constituency ? ok you know ,that's great
 How many party cadre voters ? ok you know ,that's great
 How many Brahmins, Thakur, Verma, Maurya , Jatav, Prajapti and many more ?
 What is the percentage of upper caste, backward caste, lower caste and minority ?
 How many voters will vote for you from your party cadre votes ?
 How many will not vote for you and how many can be converted into your voters
 Dead Voters, Bogus Voters

Analysis – Lok /Vidhan Sabha Level Analysis
In higher level analysis, we figure out voters distribution according to best fit from booth level analysis
What we do in higher level analysis
A Level Voters - Party Cadre Voters
Those voters, who will vote for party irrespective of candidate caste
B Level Voters – Depends on Candidate Caste
Those voters, who can be converted towards party votes by candidate caste
C Level Votes – Doubtful voters
Those voters, who are doubtful about voting, but can cast their votes on people opinion or various factors
D Level Voters – Who don't vote
Those voters, who don't vote in election by their choice or any other reasons

Managing Election is the fastest management ever, you don't have time to correct your mistakes or make mistakes. Strategies and Planning are very crucial part for any election because if you did a mistake by taking wrong decision then you have to wait for next 5 year to correct it.

Our Super War Room is a decision making centre, we analyse every steps we take before going further and Peroscope team helps you to take right and accurate decisions with the help of data and feedback of others.

Political Strategies are the outcome of Election Management, Booth Level Management , Analysis and Campaigns

After Election Management - Voters Connect

"Excellence is a continuous process not an accident" Voters Connect is a technology based solution, where you can have Bird's Eye View on your constituency over the following things
Voters can connect with you directly or voters can inform you about any problems and issues, so you or your party member can take immediate action Voters will be well informed about what you are doing in your constituency
 Is Party Structure performing well or not
 Are your party members well informed or not about any decision
 Feedback and update for all booths
 And Many More

We provide complete Solution for branding

branding is the main key to reach towards actual mass, Peroscope media provide complete solution from direct marketing to social media marketing in every sector.

Social Marketing - (90%)
Branding - (80%)
Strategy Planning - (70%)
Survey & Analysis - (70%)

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